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Construction Contract Template

Construction Contract Template

Writing construction contracts is not rocket science and you do not need a lawyer to do it. I have collected a couple of  construction contract template which I will post here.  If I did not address your question the first time around, check back, I am still working on the site.

You can already find one template on the site. The beauty of it is that it is only one page long. The disadvantage is that on this one page you cannot write a lot. If your construction exceeds a couple of hundred dollars, you should get a more formal document. I will post those shortly.

Picture Construction Contract

You do not have to be a lawyer to write a construction contract

Furthermore, you will find some samples here on the site. These samples are collected from big public companies who have to tell their shareholders what is going on. Once a big corporation publishes one of those contracts, that contract is a beast. Long, complicated, negotiated over several months by small armies of lawyers rewriting every comma.  Even though you cannot use them to draft your own contract, take them as a list of excellent ideas of which maybe one or two might fit you. Those you are going to copy and insert into your template.

I hope you find this site useful.

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